15 November 2022

architecture tudelft

Lecturer Urban Design and Architecture

Dirk Osinga started lecturing at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft. There he is leading an undergraduate design studio where students get introduced to the foundations of urbanism through research by design. The task for the students is to redevelop the neighbourhood 'Tarwe wijk' in Rotterdam taking into account the challenges of urban housing and mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis.

03 May 2022


STUDIOSINGA commissioned to research an energy-efficiënt renovation strategy for IFFR

31 Maart 2022

STUDIOSINGA selected for the Folly Art Norg festival

24 February 2022

STUDIOSINGA commissioned to design a weekend house

On a beautiful site in Reeuwijk (NL) with a great view on a lake a large family owns two holiday houses built in the 1960s. One of the houses is in a dilapidated state and the owners would like to have more comfort so they can use the house also during winter. The brief is to design a house with an extended program within budget and adhering to strict regulations in regards to maximum volume.

05 November 2021

fontys academy

Lecturer Design Research and Critical Thinking

Dirk Osinga started lecturing 'Design Research and Critical Thinking' to master students from the Academy of Architecture and Urbanism at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts. This theoretical and hands-on course developed by STUDIOSINGA is in close coordination with the design studio 'Fabrications 1:1' where students design and build a small architectural project. This year the students will design masonry structures. The goal of the course is to learn how to do design research and determine their own position in the field by thinking and writing critically.

28 October 2021

open call ijsselmonde studiosinga

Jury member for open call 'unexpected encounters in the garden city of tomorrow'

Dirk Osinga participated in the jury of the open call 'unexpected encounters in the garden city of tomorrow' organised by Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR). The open call for design research proposals for the IJsselmonde neighbourhood in the south of Rotterdam, a typical neighbourhood built in the 1960s and designed to create a harmonious community, was specifically aimed at discovering the missing links between contemporary social issues like loneliness, segregation & inequality and the built environment. The jury selected three proposals out of twenty submissions that were research oriented with creative methods to collect new information, designers with participatory experience in order to engage with residents to co-create designs and submissions that promise a wide range of different responses to the specific situation in IJsselmonde.

26 October 2021

fashion atelier studiosinga

STUDIOSINGA commissioned to research a new professional learning environment for fashion students

STUDIOSINGA is commissioned by the MBO College Hilversum, part of the ROC van Amsterdam, a large vocational educational institute, to help them with the planning phase of the Fashion Ateliers from the Fashion department. The school is in transition as there is a new vision on the education of students and an upcoming refurbishment of the interior for the entire school building. The assignment for STUDIOSINGA is to determine the needed capacity for the Fashion Ateliers, explore different spatial scenario's, and to establish a program of demands thereby bridging the gap between pedagogy and architecture.


01 June 2021

logo RAM

Workshop Building Community - IJsselmonde

For the Rotterdam Architecture Month (RAM) STUDIOSINGA has been commissioned by the Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR) to develop and organise a design research workshop for the residents of IJsselmonde, a neighourhood in the south of Rotterdam. IJsselmonde has been conceived after the war with the international urban theory of the 'garden city' in mind together with the specifically Dutch theory about the creation of a neighbourhood or 'wijkgedachte' at that time where community, identity and meeting places were important ideas to drive the design. Together with the residents with our smartphones in hand we are going to investigate what these concepts mean today through cartography, photography and journalism.

You are welcome join on Saturday 26th of June at 10:00 or at 13:00.
Free of charge, sign up here


10 January 2021

logo WDKA

External Expert Assessment Committee

Dirk Osinga was asked to participate as an external expert in the assessment committee for the final examination of the Willem de Kooning Academy, within the Commmercial Practices. Commercial Practices is one of the three practices of the WDKA where students from different disciplines, from advertising to fine art, position their graduation project towards our “next” economy where new opportunities and roles for prospective designers and artists are explored.


20 May 2020

beukstraat STUDIOSINGA

STUDIOSINGA commissioned to design a refurbishment of a row house

14 April 2020


STUDIOSINGA commissioned by curatorial studio Shimmer to digitise artworks


27 March 2020


STUDIOSINGA commissioned to design a refurbishment of an apartment


14 August 2019

logo stimuleringsfonds

Grant Proposal 'The Air We All Breathe' selected!

Together with Maarten Lambrechts and Susanne Pietsch we have been selected for the open call 'Interior & Interdisciplinarity #2' with our design research proposal 'The Air We All Breathe' We are researching the conditioning of the indoor environment in the context of global warming. Conventional technical installations take up more and more physical and financial space in buildings while interior architecture also takes into account aesthetical, social and cultural aspects. In this design research we would like to question the hegemonic regime of conventional Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and explore an alternative and inter-disciplinary approach to mediate the relationship between inside and outside.


1 July 2019


STUDIOSINGA moved into a new studio

Since the first of July we moved to the former RET building in Charlois in the south of Rotterdam close to the Maastunnel. We are glad with our new space!


4 March 2019

logo bureau europa

Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust

Dirk Osinga was asked by Bureau Europa to join the curatorial team for the exhibition Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust. This exhibition examines what role digital technology plays in the current climate of institutional distrust either by fuelling this collective distrust by spreading fake news and conspiracy theories or by trying to create a renewed sense of trust through the creation of digital platforms and its online communities. He was responsible for the curation of projects related to the architecture of the city and took part in design of the scenography. These projects ranged from surveillance systems for crowd control to the architecture of the headquarters of big tech companies and from digital platforms like Airbnb and Peerby to the collapse of the Ponte Morandi bridge in Genoa.


07 July 2016


Prospective Scenario's for the Future Fashion School

Dirk Osinga contributed to the research and educational project 'Recrafting Craft, A synergy of traditional and future crafts within fashion design education at art schools in the Netherlands' of Mascha van Zijverden by writing and illustrating six prospective scenario's for the future fashion school. The main objective of this research project is to re-tailor the meaning of craft as an essential vehicle for fashion eduction seen in the light of the unsustainable character of the global fashion industry.

Van Zijverden is a member of the research group of ArtEZ Modelectoraat, the fashion department of the ArtEZ Institute of the Art in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The research and educational project Recrafting Craft is her thesis project for her Master in Education in Arts at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. From 7 to 10 July this project will exhibited in Graduation Presentation 2016.


24 May 2016

iabr 2016

Presentation 'Werkplaats Centraal' at 'The City as a Learning Environment'

At the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam Dirk Osinga gave a presentation about Werkplaats Centraal in which he collaborates with studio Makkink & Bey. Werkplaats Centraal is an ongoing design research project on the future of vocational education and training (VET) in the Netherlands. We propose 7 speculative models which re-organise this form of education by taking the workshop or workplace (werkplaats) as the starting point in order to create an improved learning experience for future craftsmen and women. Dirk Osinga situated the project in the radical change that has happened in the perception of the school and the workplace as a learning environment and the imminent socio-economical and technological changes that lie ahead, which already have a profound impact on this type of education.


21 February 2016

logo kazerne

Exhibition Next UP by Jeroen Junte: Dutch Design by a new, engaged, post-crisis generation.

Open Objects: Chair One, is featured in the Next UP exhibition curated by design critic Jeroen Junte who writes for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant and publishes regularly in design magazines. Next UP will be the first overview of a new generation of designers that came of age during the credit crunch of 2008. Junte: "The engagement and open-mindedness of these young designers is remarkable. They think in terms of opportunities and solutions rather than problems and obstacles. They continue the inquisitive, critical attitude of Dutch design, while at the same time strive to contribute positively to social issues. These engaged designers don’t just ask questions, they also look for answers. They deploy instinct and intuition just as much as conceptual exploration and a critical attitude. They are both thinkers and doers." The exhibition can be visited from 21 February to 30 September at the Kazerne in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


1 January 2016

logo uhasselt

Selected as PhD. Candidate Hasselt University

Dirk Osinga started in the beginning of this year as a Phd. candidate at the Architecture and Arts faculty of Hasselt University. His Phd. will focus on the innovation of architectural education, more specifically live projects.


10 - 13 November 2015

logo traders

Selected for The Role of Participatory Art and Design in the Reconfiguration of Work

Dirk Osinga was selected for and participated in the 2015 International TRADERS Autumn School in Genk (BE). Speakers were, amongst others, Pelle Ehn, Pascal Gielen, Carl Disalvo, Hilde Heijnen, Frank Moulaert and David Hamers who gave insights in the city, creative practices, social innovation, gender and design under post-Fordist conditions or what Gielen calls 'in repressive liberal times'. Jeanne van Heeswijk and Wim Embrechts presented case-studies of their respective artistic and design practices.

As a participant in the working table 'mapping labor: a mode of inquiry' we discussed the potential of subjective and objective mapping and questioned the map itself in the context of new forms of (un)paid labor and practices in Genk, which literally was ushered in post-Fordist times with the closure and moving of the Ford production plant in 2014. Cartographic practices can be used to politically put these often geographically diffused and temporarily fluid labor practices on the map and open them up for analysis and debate.


30 October 2015

logo stimuleringsfonds

Grant Proposal 'The Workshop Workshop' selected!

Dirk Osinga is selected for the open call 'professionalisation design practice' of the creative industries fund NL. The goal of the subsidy is to contribute to the strategic development of the designers' practice. Dirk Osinga will use the subsidy for the development of a collaborative design practice 'The Workshop Workshop' (working title) which involves a number of selected designers like Irma Földényi, Foodcurators, Pomme van Hoof, Jesse Howard, La Jetée, Eugenia Morpurgo, Martina Muzi and Lukas Wegwerth.


20 October 2015

logo ddw 2015

Presentation 'Werkplaats Centraal' at 'The Emancipation of the Interior'

On the event 'the emancipation of the interior' organised by the creative industries fund NL at the Dutch Design Week 2015 Dirk Osinga gave a presentation on the project Werkplaats Centraal a design researchon the future of vocational education and training (VET) in the Netherlands where he addressed the future of work and education and questioned the nature of the interior. Werkplaats Centraal is a collaborative project of do|ob en studio Makkink & Bey and funded by the creative industries fund NL. A video of the presentation can be seen here (starts at 49:00 minutes).


8 September 2015

logo stimuleringsfonds

2nd Grant Proposal 'Werkplaats Centraal' Selected!

studio Makkink & Bey and Dirk Osinga are selected for the second phase of the open call 'educational environments' from the Creative Industries fund NL with our project Werkplaats Centraal. In this project we are researching and designing the future of vocational education and training (VET) in the Netherlands. This week we had a kick-off for what is going to be an exciting year with workshops, a collaborative platform, an exhibition and a talkshow.


1 September 2015

Interview Dirk Osinga in Architectuur NL

In the spring of 2015 Dirk Osinga was interviewed by design journalist Jeroen Junte for Dutch architecture magazine architectuur NL. In the interview 'architecture out of necessity' Dirk elaborates on his activities and his experiences since his graduation from architecture school and the start of his design and research practice. He also talks about his collaborations with curator Jan Boelen and designers Irma Földényi, studio Makkink & Bey, Lotte de Raadt, and Lukas Wegwerth.


11 - 14 June 2015

logo dmy

Open Objects at International Design Festival Berlin

Open Objects chair one will be on show during the international design festival berlin 2015 at the DAD gallery. The show 'contemporary creation processes in design' will show the work of five young Dutch designers. Opening 10 June from 6 to 10 pm come around and join us!


27 May 2015

logo mu

Presentation Werkplaats Centraal

On an expert meeting organized by creative industries fund NL and contemporary artspace MU in Eindhoven Dirk Osinga gave a presentation about the development of the design research project 'Werkplaats Centraal' a collaborative project between Dirk Osinga and studio makkink&bey on the future of vocational education and training (VET) in the Netherlands. Alongside Dirk Osinga different design studio's presented their projects which experiment with different learning environments.


12 February 2015

logo stimuleringsfonds

Grant Proposal 'Werkplaats Centraal' Selected!

We are happy to announce that Dirk Osinga in collaboration with studio Makkink & Bey are selected to take part in the open call 'educational environments' from the creative industry fund NL. Our research proposal 'Werkplaats Centraal, craftmanship and the workshop in the 21st centruy' was selected out of 36 proposals. We are looking forward working with several vocational schools in the Netherlands bringing this research a step further!


20 January 2015

logo VROAAM!

Lecture Creative Industry & Entrepreneurship

On Friday 30th of january in Utrecht (NL) Dirk Osinga will give a lecture on the yearly career event for creatives VROAAM! organised by the association of Dutch designers (BNO). He will talk about entrepreneurship, the creative industry and the lessons and experiences he gained with the educational program Driving Dutch Design.


18 January 2015

logo adhocracy

Spatial Probes & Open Objects online

Two projects of Dirk Osinga are featured on the website of Adhocracy Athens. One is Spatial Probes developed together with Lukas Wegwerth at the BIO 50 and the other is Open Objects chair one designed and made with Lotte de Raadt. Adhocracy Athens is an exhibition and symposium at the Onassis Cultural Centre which will be held from May to June 2015. It is the 2nd installment of the exhibition first curated by Joseph Grima for the 1st Istanbul Design Biennial in 2012.


17 December 2014

logo BNO

Lecture Creative Industry & Entrepreneurship

Dirk Osinga was invited by the association of dutch designers (BNO) to give a lecture about entrepreneurship, the creative industry and the knowledge and experience he gained during the entrepreneurial program of Driving Dutch Design. He talked about what the world of design can learn from the world of business and vice versa in order to strengthen the creative industry as a top economic sector stimulated by the Dutch government. The audience consisted of people from BNO, Dutch Design Week, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the next generation of Drivers.


21 November 2014

logo istanbul design biennial 2014

Workshop Istanbul Smart City Information Hubs

Within the framework of the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial Dirk Osinga is invited to co-lead a team at the workshop Istanbul Smart City Information Hubs. This workshop on December 11 will initiate, support and facilitate local interventions for developing the future of Istanbul as a Smart City.

Together with mr. Yigit Sardan of Istanbuls' Council of Creative Industries, Dirk Osinga will support and facilitate the team focusing on Business Strategies & Development and Branding of the information hubs in Istanbul.

The Istanbul Smart City Information Hubs project is organized by Istanbul Bilgi University, Institute for Information Design Japan and LIN architects and supported by TAK, World Intelligent City Summit 2014 and the Goethe Institute.


20 September 2014

logo dutch design week 2014

Exhibition Open Objects Chair One

At the Dutch Design Week Dirk Osinga in collaboration with Lotte de Raadt present chair one as part of their label Open Objects at the exhibition unlocked. This collaborative exhibition organised, designed and built by the participants of the educational program Driving Dutch Design which has the aim of stimulating young Dutch designers to become keen cultural entrepreneurs.


12 September 2014

opening bio 50

Exhbition Slovenia's 24th Biennial of Design

On September 18 the opening of bio50 will take place in Ljubljana. Dirk Osinga was the co-mentor for the Affordable Living group together with Rianne Makkink. At the same time he presented Starting Something a research and design project, consisting of Infra-Services and Spatial Probes in collaboration with Lukas Wegwerth and master students social design of the DAE.

The opening will feature a talk moderated by Vera Sacchetti with an interesting panel consisting of Alice Rawsthorn, Justin Mcguirk and curator of bio50 Jan Boelen about this design biennale.


8 - 10 May 2014

logo bio 50

Workshop Infra-Services Design Academy Eindhoven

Dirk Osinga together with Lukas Wegwerth are commissioned by the Design Academy Eindhoven to organise a workshop for Social Design master students together with students from the University of Ljubljana Architecture Faculty.

The goal of the workshop Infra-Services is to design proposals for new kind of alternative services for vacant lots & buildings in Ljubljana using available local resources (Natural, Economic, Cultural & Social) along different infrastructure lines practicing particular field research strategies that are defined by three roles (Journalist, Anthropologist & Cartographer).


24 January 2014

logo bio 50

Selected for Slovenia's 24th Biennial of Design!

Dirk Osinga is selected to take part in BIO 50 the 24th Biennial of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia which will take place between 18 September and 7 December 2014. Dirk Osinga will be part of an international group of designers that will work on the theme of 'Affordable Living'.


10 December 2013

logo driving dutch design

Selected for Masterclasses Design Entrepreneurship!

Dirk Osinga was selected to take part in the program Driving Dutch Design which educates designers to become keen entrepreneurs. DDD is an initiative of the BNO, ABN AMRO and Capital D and consists of a series of master classes given by experts from ABN AMRO, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Ernst & Young and Baker & McKenzie. Furthermore each designer is supported by a personal coach from ABN AMRO. The results of this program will be presented during the Dutch Design Week 2014.


19 September 2013

logo dutch design week 2013

Exhibition Open Objects

Open Objects profile one in collaboration with Lotte de Raadt will be exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2013 at Strijp-S in the venue of Rechargeables.


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