STUDIOSINGA believes that architecture is not just about form, structure and materials. Arguably the intangible in architecture; space, climate and atmosphere are far more important.

STUDIOSINGA is an architectural design & research studio founded by Dirk Osinga which provides specific services to professional and private clients ranging from design to research and from consulting to education.

STUDIOSINGA is a collaborative practice working within a network of architects, engineers, academic researchers, artists and designers. Through research this reflective practice informs the design process with the aim to create an architecture of opportunities from the scale of furniture to complete buildings.

Dirk Osinga graduated in 2010 as an architect from Eindhoven University of Technology. Earlier he gained a BSc. in Civil Engineering. During his architectural studies he specialised himself in architectural history and theory. In the past 10 years he gained work experience in different architectural offices, non-governmental organisations and in the academic world. Since 2018 he develops his own independent architectural design and research practice STUDIOSINGA. Due to his curious nature design research, as a creative form of inquiry, has been a continuous line in all his endeavours.

Dirk Osinga is also the founder and associate of the design research collective The Workshop Workshop.

current collaborators
Willem van Doorn, Maarten Lambrechts, Romboud Maris and
Susanne Pietsch

former collaborators
Marijke Annema, Servie Boetzkes, Georg Bohle, Irma Földényi, Foodcurators, Studio Makkink & Bey, Ana Luisa Moura, Lotte de Raadt, Lukas Wegwerth and Mascha van Zijverden

Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam (AIR), Bureau Europa, Design Academy Eindhoven, Gemeente Rotterdam, Hasselt University, Het Nieuwe Instituut, IFRC Shelter Research Unit (Red Cross), KABK INSIDE, Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), ROC van Amsterdam, Shimmer, Stad Genk, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Sintlucas College, Summa College, Willem de Kooning Academy and various private clients.

STUDIOSINGA has been graciously supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie